4031 Kirsten Drive, Stockton, California 95212

How we do it

Animal Crackers Preschool incorporates the use of art, music, and physical movement in order to stimulate creative growth within the child. Each day includes singing and access to art supplies. We encourage outdoor play.

As children grow and evolve, so does the Animal Crackers Preschool program. We take into account the individual needs of each child when we plan and implement the lessons. We encourage children to take part in both individual and group activities. Our goal is to enrich, nourish, and promote positive intellectual, social, and emotional growth in each child.

Infants are an integral part of Animal Crackers Preschool's family-based environment. As with the preschoolers, infants are stimulated with art, music, and movement. We encourage them with age-appropriate activities, which change as they develop and grow.

Infants are from the beginning taught to socialize with others. We encourage them to develop with both directed and free play. The infant program includes toys and activities designed specifically for the needs of children in their age range.

Animal Crackers Preschool, 4031 Kirsten Drive, Stockton CA 95212
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